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Work with me for Hypnotherapy for eating disorder recovery


I woke with a start, looked at my phone, and saw that it was 7.59am.

Since I’m awake, I might as well join the call, I thought reluctantly, slightly hungover from a few too many vinos the night before. 3 hours later (yep, I took a LOT of convincing!) and quite a lot of $$ down, I had signed up with a love coach named Lucy that would mark the beginning of my journey back to me.


I now know for SURE that it was my higher self that woke me up in time to take that call with Lucy.


And I am SO glad that I did, because honestly, I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t join Lucy’s coaching program back in 2018 - probably with my head still staring down a toilet bowl somewhere! During that 8-week program I didn’t find love, BUT I got something a whole lot better!

I healed my Bulimia. Yep, that’s right, I healed my Bulimia.


I also confronted a lot of old skeletons that had been hiding in my very cobwebby closet (i.e. my mind and body). It was a journey, and after the 8 weeks, I thought my journey was over. That was me done. I was just going to go back to my wonderful life and meet the man of my dreams, armed with a bunch of new attraction skills and minus 1 very shameful secret.


But my soul had other plans for me. I kept getting the nudges, hearing those soul whispers, telling to me do this, go there, speak to that person. And so my journey of self-development and self-discovery continued. I worked with more coaches and healers and astrologers and human design gurus - basically anyone that I happened to stumble across - continuously following my intuition, always curious, always hungry to learn more. 


And it turns out those cobwebs in my proverbial closet were hiding a lot more skeletons, and I had a lot more “inner work” to do (it was a rough few years!). 


But fortune favours the brave. And I was brave.


My journey back to me has now led me to be here, talking to you, about HOW I got here, and WHY I started this business in Bulimia transformation coaching. I started this business because coaching and teaching and uplifting is my DESTINY.


And because I know that to heal from Bulimia is like being given a second chance at life. A life where you can be free of those chains that are holding you back, a life where you can feel fulfilled EVERY SINGLE DAY.


I want that for you too.


My coaching is transformation coaching, NOT recovery coaching, because it IS transformation.


It is remembering who you really are.

It is discovering what you’re really here on this Earth to do.

It is dreaming big and knowing that what is desired by you, is DESTINED for you.

It is BECOMING YOU, and WHO YOU ARE will heal you.


And so I want to bring you back to the beginning of my story. I had a decision back then to either stay the same or to be courageous and step into the unknown, uncertain of the path that lay ahead of me. I chose COURAGE over FEAR.  And I know now that what scares me is EXACTLY what I should be moving towards.


“Lean into your fears. Go out to your edges. Because the place where your greatest limits live is also the place where your greatest growth lies”. ~Robin Sharma

With love,

Katherine x

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